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Trying to add Mongodb to an existing app. And I'm getting this error. Not sure how to resolve it let alone understand it.

This comes from me trying to load up the homepage, and Devise is also making a call as so :

  1: .grid_24
  2:   .center-stuff
  3:     - if user_signed_in?
  4:       = link_to 'Begin Lesson', esson_path, class: 'button-green'
  5:     - else
  6:       %p Welcome :)

The error

ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `schema_cache' for #<Mongo::Connection:0x007f89a7247dd0>):

My user.rb file

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  include MongoMapper::Document         

my initializer

require 'mongo_mapper'
MongoMapper.connection = Mongo::Connection.new
MongoMapper.database = "ai_project-#{Rails.env}"
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User model should not extend ActiveRecord. Remove that and you should be good to go

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I had no idea what he meant at first - he means the line "class User < ActiveRecord::Base" should just be "class User" (remove the ActiveRecord::Base" line –  notaceo Feb 26 at 4:14

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