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I'm using Devexpress SearchLookUpEdit V 11.2. And For the search mode, if I write for example (Value01 Value02) it works like the following sql Code :

WHERE MyField LIKE %Value01% OR MyField LIKE %Value02%

But what I want to do, is like this : (AND, not OR)

WHERE MyField LIKE %Value01% AND MyField LIKE %Value02%

I didn't find a property to set or something like that, so I wrote a extension method who filter my data for me, but for that, I should handle the event of (typing in the find panel). Where to do that ? and is this the right way to filter my data ?

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So, what I did to have such behavior is the following : Create a user control using PopupContainerEdit, PopupContainerControl and a GridControl :

User control : Custom lookup edit

I've also handled the EditValueChanged event of my PopupContainerEdit by executing my search method, and to have some control on when the search algorithm should be executed, i've used a System.Windows.Forms.Timer

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