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I want to make a simple Twitter API get using JSON. The idea is to get only the posts from a known corporation (say BigCorporation) sent to the main corporation (@BigCorporation). The idea is to just get the main annoncements and filter out anytime the BigCoporation answer a question from a follower (i.e. BigCoporation tweets: @someguy we are anwering your question)

So Tweets from:BigCoporation with the @BigCorporation

I came up with this API get but I seem to get both @BigCorporation or from:BigCorporation tweets. I want only the Tweets that are @BigCorp AND from:BigCorp

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Are you sure the BigCorp is posting tweets addressed to itself so it can be both: @BigCorp AND from:BigCorp ? – izeed Jul 1 '12 at 6:25

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Your search query is malformed.

It should be:

That will show you all the tweets I have sent which contains the string "@edent"

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You can use this URL :

The REST method GET returns the most recent tweets (20 by default) of a user whose username (here BigCorporation) is in the parameter screen_name. When set to true (or t or 1), the exclude_replies parameter excludes the tweets that you want to avoid ("@someguy we are anwering your question").

You can visit this page on the Twitter API website for further details.

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