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I am restructuring a dataset of species names. It has a column with latin names and column with trivia names when those are available. I would like to make a 3rd column which gives the trivial name when available, otherwise the latin name. Both trivial names and latin names are in factor-class. I have tried with an if-loop:


It gives me the correct trivnames, but only gives NA when supplying latin names.
And when I use ifelse I only get numbers.

As always, all help appreciated :)

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art <- data.frame(trivname = c("cat", "", "deer"), latname = c("cattus", "canis", "cervus"))
art$artname <- with(art, ifelse(trivname == "", as.character(latname), as.character(trivname)))
#   trivname latname artname
# 1      cat  cattus     cat
# 2            canis   canis
# 3     deer  cervus    deer

(I think options(stringsAsFactors = FALSE) as default would be easier for most people, but there you go...)

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