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I need to integrate an off-the-shelf Windows application with a Java application. At a few key points, I need the Windows application to send an "event" and some data to the Java application.

The Windows application anticipated this need, and can be configured to "Poke a DDE Item", "Set an OLE Auto-Property" or "Write an OPC Item".

I'm already using JACOB to call COM methods and set COM properties on a COM object. However, I'm guessing that's pretty unrelated to these "event" notification capabilities.

Anyone have any experience calling FROM a Windows application to a "DDE Item", "OLE Auto-Property" or "OPC Item" that's actually in a JVM?

Any pointers, advice, etc, would be appreciated.

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already looked at? nevaobject.com/_docs/_javadde/JavaDde.htm works in both ways (client and server) –  Lorenzo Boccaccia Jul 17 '09 at 13:23

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If you want to access OPC Servers, the OpenSCADA - Utgard Project might just be what you need.

Itself it uses j-interop to access COM.

If you need any help, just drop a line to Juergen DOT Rose AT inavare DOT net


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