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I want to start learning SharePoint and I need my system setup.

I know I need a SharePoint server, whether on a physical server or a virtual machine. I have done this in the past for the company I worked for. But now I want to use my system to develop but the requirements doesn't meet the SharePoint server specification

I have seen this link and several others on serverfault and they always recommend the Virtual Machine approach

I have also obtain a link to Microsoft Hyper-V pre-installed virtual machine but it's too heavy for my machine.

I have read article that says I should download dlls from a SharePoint server and paste in a replica directory structure on my system

I see that a lot of developer are faced with this challenge and I wish to know if there is now a workaround. Also, what are the limitations?

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Do yourself a big favor and upgrade your development box so that it can handle a VM with SharePoint. Hardware is cheap these days, and a SharePoint capable laptop doesn't break the bank.

The amount of time you spend on trying to come up with a working Gaffa tape solution will soon fall apart again when you need to debug something in a real life scenario. That time is then wasted and you wish you had gone for a proper setup instead.

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Check out CloudShare. It is worth the price. There is a 14 day trial.

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