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I have been using DotNetOpenAuth v3.5.0.10357 for about a year now and finally decided to upgrade to v4.0.1.12097. In doing so, I noticed the RequestUserAuthorization method no longer accepts a state parameter.

WebServerClient:RequestUserAuthorization(IEnumerable<string> scope = null, string state = null, Uri returnTo = null);

WebServerClient:RequestUserAuthorization(IEnumerable<string> scope = null, Uri returnTo = null);

Facebook documentation, mentions this helps guard against Cross-site Request Forgery. What was the reasoning for the removal?

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Well, after a bit more digging I found out why it was removed. DotNetOpenAuth does state checking internally (EndUserAuthorizationRequest.ClientState), leaving one less thing for us to worry about. Nicely done!

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Correct. I'm glad that our purposes for that variable coincide! – Andrew Arnott Jul 1 '12 at 13:12

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