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At first,I tried to use ppm and cpanm to install Tk module.But failed to download whth the reason which i don't konw(yet i can install image module) .So I tried another way.I downloaded the Tk-804.030 from the cpan website.And unpacked it.Then I type "perl" in the cmd, howerver, shit happens.There were so many errors.And i remenbered to read the README.txt, so i found the following which make me frustrated.

When you install ActivePerl, it provides patched C runtime as PerlCRT.dll which it installs in the "system32" directory. This needs "administrator" rights on NT. It also provides the import library PerlCRT.lib, but this is installed in an odd location e.g. C:\ActivePerl\lib\CORE\PerlCRT.lib where it is not found by MakeMaker or VC++.I copied it to C:\VisualStudio\VC98\lib\PerlCRT.lib (Your paths may vary dependinh where you installed ActivePerl and VC++.)

I could not find the PerlCRT.dll and PerlCRT.lib in my computer, i googled and found PerlCRT.dll which could be downloaded, but i counld find PerlCRT.lib to download.i don't kown how to do it, i really need some help.It couldn't be better if you can tell me the whole installing procedure. ( I'm new to Perl, and I use Win7, visual studio 2012 and MinGW as well)

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If you have ActivePerl than you already have Tkx installed. Why you need Tk? – gangabass Jun 30 '12 at 18:14

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See PPM Tk info page, the distro fails to build on the current versions of ActiveState Perl for Windows. You can add the 3rd party Bribes repository, Tk is available there.

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Thank you.I have solved it.Now I added the Bribes repo and i found why i was wrong when i compiled the Tk module was that I use the latest Tk-804.030,however,activestate Perl just support the Tk-804.029,damn Windows – foolyoghurt Jul 19 '12 at 18:49

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