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I have 3 tables

id   name
 5   Mario
13   John
..   ...

id   name   address
 7   Luigi  Roma
..   ...    ...

id   customer_id
 1   5
 2   7
 3   13
..   ..

I want to copy old_customers to new_customers assigning them a new auto-increment id and updating the orders foreign key customer_id.
How to perform this simultaneous INSERT and UPDATE in one simple MySQL query?

A basic psudo-sql idea

INSERT INTO new_customers (name) SELECT name FROM old_customers
UPDATE orders SET customer_id=LAST_INSERT_ID() WHERE customer_id=old_customers.id

A week later ...

Thanks to help received this is the developed MySQL solution:
create a PROCEDURE that declare a CURSOR and INSERT+UPDATE fetched results in a LOOP


CREATE PROCEDURE move_costumers()
  DECLARE fetched_id INT(3);
  DECLARE fetched_name VARCHAR(50);
  DECLARE my_cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT id,name FROM old_customers;

  OPEN my_cursor;  
      FETCH my_cursor INTO fetched_id,fetched_name; 
      INSERT INTO new_customers (name) VALUES (fetched_name);
      UPDATE orders SET orders.customer_id = LAST_INSERT_ID() 
        WHERE orders.customer_id = fetched_id;
  CLOSE my_cursor;

It's a loop without control variable and without label, as I found in Simple Cursor Traversal 2

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UDF? come on...

just copy old customer data into new_customer table, adding old_id as a column so you could update this way:

INSERT INTO new_customers (name,old_id) SELECT name, id FROM old_customers

UPDATE orders o
SET customer_id = (select id form new_customers nc where nc.old_id = o.id)

Proc with cursor will be soooo slow...

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Why dont you write a udf, it will help you achieve your requirement.

The procedure for this purpose will be something like this ::

Follow the steps ::

1)Get the largest id used in new_customer table eg.

(Select max(id) into v_curr_id from new_users group by user_id)

and store it in a variable as v_curr_id. 2) Create a cursor which iterates and reads every row of the old_customer and everytime store it into a variable v_old_cust_id, v_old_custname 3)Inside the cursor : increment the v_curr_id and insert a new row in the new_cust table having the cust_id as v_curr_id and name as v_old_custname. e.g.

insert into new_customers(id, name) values (v_curr_id,v_old_custname);

Then update the order_table like

 update order_table set cust_id = v_curr_id where cust_id=v_old_custname;

4) After creation you will just have to call the procedure like

call my_proc()

For syntax reference, visit cursor_example

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Sorry for my naive question, I'm really new in sql. I tried to use various approaches such as while, loop, trigger, create procedure... But with poor results. I am grateful for even a simple suggestion on what approach might work. –  Salvador Jun 30 '12 at 18:16
@Salvador No issues mate, I have edited my answer, hope this will help :-) –  Sashi Kant Jun 30 '12 at 20:06
Sashi thank you very much for your suggestions! Sorry but I'm hesitant to set this as accepted answer because is a track very useful but incomplete. –  Salvador Jul 7 '12 at 17:58

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