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I have a form on my website that takes input from a text area and processes it one way if it is empty (strlen = 0) and another if it has text in it. Here is part of the form:

<form name='contact' action='contact.php' method='post'>
    Message*<br />
    <textarea name='msg' rows='10' cols='70' maxlength='2048'><?php echo $msg ?></textarea><br />
    <input type='submit' value='Send!' id='subby' name='fatk' style='height:60px; width:300px;' />

Now the PHP code:

$msg = isset($_POST['msg'])?safeString($_POST['msg']):'';
$msg = substr($msg,0,2048);
if (strlen($msg) == 0)
    echo "<h1>Test failed</h1>";
else { ... }

Here's the safestring(str) method:

function safeString($str) {

Every time I submit the form, no matter how much or how little I put in the msg textarea, it always says it's empty (by echoing TEST FAILED). Also, do you know anything else I should add to my safestring() function to make my forms more secure?

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You are not returning anything from safeString.

Apart from that, what safeString does is redundant (htmlentities is a superset of htmlspecialchars, and the latter does the job of protecting against XSS).

Finally, you should really not be doing this sanitization when accepting input but only when you are producing output.

Put toghether, your code should look more like

$msg = isset($_POST['msg']) ? $_POST['msg'] :'';
if ($msg == '')
    echo "<h1>Test failed</h1>";
else {
    echo "Received value: ".htmlspecialchars($msg);

You should also definitely specify the input's encoding (see third parameter of htmlspecialchars).

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this is a comment, not an answer. –  tereško Jun 30 '12 at 16:57
So I should use only htmlspecialchars? –  RandomDuck.NET Jun 30 '12 at 16:57
@tereško: Give a man a moment to expand the answer, will you? –  Jon Jun 30 '12 at 16:59

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