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performing following query in java script

String sql = "insert into personal values('"+models.getResourceId()+"','"+models.getFname()+"','"+models.getMname()+"','"+models.getLname()+"','"+models.getGender()+"','"+models.getDob()+"','"+models.getFthname()+"','"+models.getEmail()+"','"+models.getMobile_no()+"')";

i don't know what to correct.

the query is in DB2

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Surely you mean Java and not JavaScript. – Pointy Jun 30 '12 at 17:40
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You should use parameter binding. Give us the whole sql after you put it together. You likely used a ' in one of the other variables and didn't escape that one.

Are you sure that you are using javascript for accessing the database? I'm not aware of such a driver/possiblity. And it would be new to me that javascript knows types like String.

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To escape a ' in DB2, it needs to be doubled up: ''. Edit: But of course, it's much better to use parameter binding and let the DB2 driver take care of this for you. – Leons Jul 1 '12 at 18:24

According to documentation, "The statement contains a string constant that is not terminated properly" Please follow for more details.

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The input value contains may contains single quotes inside, ex: 'RPG's'

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