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How would I modify the css to get "Welcome" and "Already a member? Sign in" divs right next to each other rather than underneath each other?

Many thanks in advance.


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You just need to add float property for your <div>. So try it like this:

<div style="float: right;">Already a member? Sign in</div>

Note: Here is working example.
Note 2: If you want to have sign in <div> on left, just set float: left property for your <span>

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float:left; will most likely be useful. See edited fiddle:


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or another way is add float:left css property on Welcome's Span

 <span style="font-size : x-large;float:left">Welcome</span>

see here : http://jsfiddle.net/uXFt6/14/

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This jsFiddle does the trick. See the comments for the changes made.


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