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There is a web site I need to scrape. I can fill in the necessary data. The problem is that I don't understand how to press the button to get the page with results.

The button has the following code:

<input type="button" value="Search!" onclick="SearchSmth();" id="btSearch">

So because the type is not 'submit' attempts to use Browser.submit() fail. I tried using something like this:

resp = b.click(type="button", id="btSearch")

but it also failed:

ClientForm.ControlNotFoundError: no control matching type 'button', kind 'clickable', id 'btSearch'

What should I do to get this button pressed?

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Have you used zope.testbrowser? This is wrapper over mechanize module of python. You can use getControl browser.getControl(name='text-value') method of zope.testbrowser. You can see more examples here

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