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What libraries/modules would you recommend for creating an interactive geometry program?
What I have found includes: Pyglet, Pygame, Pycairo, Sympy

I'll illustrate the basic requirements with an example:

  • Create two Point objects by clicking two locations on a canvas.
  • Create two intersecting Circle objects based on those two Points.
  • Detect the two circles and calculate their intersections.

I would like to work with a canvas that supports anti-aliasing.
I would also like the ability to produce(export) an image with a transparent background.

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If you have a bit of experience with OpenGL I would seriously recommend pyglet. Very customizable. If you don't, get it, because in Python there doesn't really exist a game/rendering library that has a "canvas-style" interface, except, to a certain point, pygame. But pygame...

Stay away from pygame. Stay away. pygame has horrendous design, documentation, code written with it and performance.

I have no experience with the two others (or any others, for that fact). There aren't many options for this domain in Python sadly (this also is the reason why I started a project like this, but it's still too unstable and WIP). Most notably the built-in support for things like anti-aliasing, primitives and intersection calculating is non-existent.

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I have created a library for interactive geometry board using tkinter.


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