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I've been using GAE for more than a year now, and one of the most difficult things for me to deal with is the fact that my otherwise well written code may occasionally raise an exception because of a GAE hiccup.

I already have a decent procedure for unhandled exceptions. My custom request handler presents a nice error page and administrators get an email. This, however, is a bad user experience.

What I want to do is to handle exceptions so I can immediately take the appropriate action and prevent some generic error page.

My questions are:

  1. What exceptions should I catch?
  2. Where should I catch them?

I realize that a full answer to this is not practical, but I'm looking for some best practices for the most common situations.

For exceptions that I should catch, I sometimes see exceptions that are not on the official list. For example, I've received an UnknownError.

For where to catch exceptions, I wonder if I should catch them in each get/post method. Something like this:

def get(self):
        # normal get processing
    except SomeException:
        # redirect to the same page to try again and fix any data if necessary

I'm surprised there is not more information out there about this as this is an important aspect of any GAE app. There are some good articles here and here, but these don't answer my questions.

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What exceptions should I catch?

That depends upon what level of error catching you're going for. From my experience catching the errors in the official list and linked articles will get you a very high level of error catching. If you need to go above and beyond that putting in a generic except would be easier than trying to predict unknown errors.

Where should I catch them?

The most likely place(s) for GAE errors is when interacting with the db, so setting some try-except blocks around there if you haven't will give you a good return on your effort for dealing with GAE-issue error handling.

Besides the advice of your linked articles you can also think about putting the failed operations into a task queue. Each task will automatically retry 5 times before failing which can give you some ability to ride out datastore switches or other service interruptions if you don't need immediate feedback from the operation.

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