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So I have two tables.

Table 1 is named 'appointment' with the following fields: ID (int), TimeboxID (int), Date (date)

Table 2 is named 'timebox' with the following fields: ID (int), Weekday (int), StartTime (varchar)

Table 1 keeps all appointments (Date + TimeboxID combo), while table 2 defines which timeslots are available for each day of the week.

Here's my question: How can I find out, in 1 query, which dates have free timeslots available (and how many)?

ps. Field StartTime is only needed for display, it has no meaning here.

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I should use somthing like:

FROM workdays
LEFT JOIN timebox ON (WEEKDAY( = timebox.Weekday)
LEFT JOIN appointment ON ( = AND timebox.ID = appointment.TimeboxID)
WHERE appointment.ID IS NULL

Don't know if you replace the table workdays whit something automated

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Thanks. I combined this with this solution to populate the workdays table – x74x61 Jul 1 '12 at 7:48

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