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I am trying to build a url query with an associative array like this:


Here is the my code but it only returns the word array.

$status = $_GET["status"];

$day= $_GET["day"] = array(
    "monday" => "one",
    "tuesday" => "two",

echo $status . " " . $day;
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What did you expect instead? –  Gumbo Jun 30 '12 at 20:02
Not sure quite what you're looking to do. Can you explain further? –  Greg Bair Jun 30 '12 at 20:02
@Greg Bair i am trying to call a value from the array based on the url so if i change &day=monday to &day=tuesday its going to echo the word "two" –  Mr. 1.0 Jun 30 '12 at 20:04
+1 on the comments above me, I'd be happy to help if you give us more information –  Chen Asraf Jun 30 '12 at 20:04
@OhMrBigshot i am trying to call the values in the array based on the day variable. if that makes sense? –  Mr. 1.0 Jun 30 '12 at 20:06

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Use $_GET['day'] as the key to your array:

$days = array("monday" => "one", "tuesday" => "two");

// Test if your array $day contains a key
// equivalent to the value in $_GET
// (only if $_GET['day'] was passed in the first place)
if (isset($_GET['day'] && isset($days[$_GET['day']])) {
  echo $status . " " . $days[$_GET['day']];
else echo "No such day...";
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thank you so much this is exactly what i was trying to accomplish –  Mr. 1.0 Jun 30 '12 at 20:19

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