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I registered the shape of my turtle in my roulette game to a roulette wheel. I want the wheel to spin 3 times. This is my program:

wheel = None
wheel = turtle.Turtle()

wheel.shapesize(5, 5)
r = 1
for r in range(108):

The wheel shows up properly but it doesn't seem to spin. I would assume this should work. If not is there any other way. Thank you.

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I found that this will not be possible, according to the documentation of the register_shape() method:

Note: Image shapes do not rotate when turning the turtle, so they do not display the heading of the turtle!


However, it seems that there are two other ways to use register_shape() which should provide rotation, since the above disclaimer only refers to image shapes.

  1. Using coordinates to draw a polygon shape.
  2. Using a compound shape object (a compound shape consists of multiple polygons).
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