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In my .aspx page, I set a cookie when someone votes on a poll as follows;

HttpContext.Current.Response.Cookies("poll")("poll_voted") = "yes"
HttpContext.Current.Response.Cookies("poll")("poll_id") = pID
HttpContext.Current.Response.Cookies("poll").Expires = Date.Now.AddDays(30)

now, with jquery cookie plugin I need to check if a cookie exists;

// this works quite well...
if ($.cookie('poll', { poll_voted: 'yes' })) {  
    // now here, I need to get the value of poll_id but how???

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Try adding this plugin - it requires that jquery.cookies.js is already on the page, and I'm sure it could use some tweaking but it was good enough for what I was doing.

(function ($, document) { 
        $.cookieKey = function(CookieName, KeyName, Value, Options){
            var reg = new RegExp("(?:([^=]+)=([^&]*)&?)", "ig"),
            match = null,
            matches = [];
            var cookieVal = $.cookie(CookieName);
            while(match = reg.exec(cookieVal)){ 
                if(KeyName.toLowerCase() == match[1].toLowerCase()){
                    if(Value){ //we are updating, collect all values
                         matches.push([match[1], Value]);
                        return match[2]; //we are getting, sub key found just return it
                else if(Value){ //we are updating, collect all values
                    matches.push([match[1], match[2]]);

            if(Value){ //we are updating, update values
                updatedValue = "", 
                sep = "";
                    updatedValue += sep + matches[i][0] + "=" + matches[i][1];
                    sep = "&"
                $.cookie(CookieName, updatedValue, Options);
            else return null;//we are getting, value not found
})(jQuery, document);

$.cookieKey("mycookiename", "keyname");//get sub key value
$.cookieKey("mycookiename", "keyname", "value");//set sub key value
$.cookieKey("mycookiename", "keyname", "value", {path: "/"});//set sub key value with cookie options
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if $.cookie("poll") is an array, this would work:

var mycookie = $.cookie("poll");
   var poll_id=mycookie["poll_id"];

you can check the type of mycookie variable with firebug or chrome developer tools.

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