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I had some experience of android but know almost nothing of GCC Makefile. Here is what I need, working on mac osx or linux, using android ndk toolchain, build an android shared library .so (a jni lib), linking in a prebuilt static library (already built for android). In static lib, I need logcat functions and C funcs such as sprintf. So no "ndk-build" in the process. The reason I have to do this, when linking in the static lib, a special linker is required to replace the standard arm-eabi-gcc, and the standard linker will be rolled back later.

I know that I need to set following environment variables such as:


All I need is a sample Makefile, so that I can run "make" to build a .so by linking in a .a, and other necessary android and c libs.


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Try running ndk_build V=1 and recording the commands it issues in verbose mode. Then issue comparable commands to your custom linker.

Beware the commands might change for a different ndk version.

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Good suggestion but still a lot work to be done. –  brewphone Jul 11 '12 at 13:45

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