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How can I convert a windows-1255 string to utf-8 in clssic asp? My database is windows-1255 and i want to transfer my site to utf-8.

Thanks and sorry for my English.

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Does the code in this answer do what you need?

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+1. For obvious reasons ;) –  AnthonyWJones Jul 16 '09 at 7:17

Are you sure you need to do any conversion. Whilst your database may store the string in a particular encoding, ordinarily ADODB/OLEDB will deliver the string to VBScript/JScript running in a ASP page as unicode (since actually the script languages only support unicode its actually possible to have any other encoding).

Hence if your output needs to be UTF-8 you need to do this:-

 Response.Codepage = 65001 '' // or have a @codepage directive at the top of the page
 Response.CharSet = "UTF-8"
 Response.Write sMyStringFromTheDatabase

If this doesn't appear to work for you then I suspect you've fallen foul of the Gotcha I describe in my answer that Codebender has linked to.

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