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How do I access the property file values if I am using the ClassPathXmlApplicationContext

Is there a way to get it by using x = context.getBean("") and then x.getProperty("firstName")?

I want to use it in main class, so I am not looking to inject it using @Value


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Yes there is a way to access it as bean.

For that in your context file define your properties bean under utils. something like:

<util:properties id="myProps" location="classpath:server.properties" />

Make sure you have necessary schemas in xmnls and xsi declarations which are


and for xsi


now all you have to do is load the bean to Properties object

Properties x = context.getBean("myProps");

And you're good to go..!

Hope it helps you

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Properties props = PropertiesLoaderUtils.loadProperties(new ClassPathResource("your_file_path"));     

Or you can use ResourceBundle.

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