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When I try to submit my app on the Appstore through xCode I got this error.

"A server with the specified hostname could not be found."

Is this temporary error at apple or something to do with Xcode?

is any one else facing this problem?

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Keep Trying!

I have had this a few times (including today), and each time, without changing anything, it has worked when I tried again.

Sometimes the 2nd time, other times 20 minutes later.

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But this will not be good experience for an user! – sankar 2.0 Mar 26 '14 at 11:44
Yes, It was 5 minutes for me to get a success. – Paramasivan Samuttiram Nov 29 '14 at 14:40
For me, it works fine on simulator but not on device! Will give it a try few minutes later! – EmbCoder Sep 28 '15 at 13:26
Nailed it at 3.57 min – Sarasranglt Nov 2 '15 at 9:45
It worked for me but there should be a genuine reason for this issue. – Developer Dec 20 '15 at 8:03

It might be DNS Pollution issue, at least for my case (in China).

If you're also in China or some places that has DNS Pollution issue, you might solve this by modifying the DNS (to as an example) for your Mac as well.

I got this error inner my iPad App & this happens randomly, it's such boring. Keep trying is not a good solution for me, though it might works somehow. Finally, I just changed my Wi-Fi DNS and no more error now. Steps:

  1. Your device, Settings/Wi-Fi
  2. Choose connected Wi-Fi pot
  3. Press DHCP/DNS
  4. Set to
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Thanks! this fixed my issue... but the same url caused this error in my app worked fine in Safari. Any idea? – bluenowhere Feb 25 at 7:25
@ztwei the app & Safari are in same device? not sure about ur issue, it depends, and also, DNS pollution triggers randomly as well, not always. – Kjuly Feb 25 at 8:39
ya the same device ... and the url works in Safari no matter how the DNS gets modified. – bluenowhere Feb 25 at 9:07
@ztwei not sure about it, but Safari might have some tech handles this well, i just search w/ key words "safari, dns" in Google, the first record said "... Apple added a significant new feature to Safari in version 5.0.1. It hasn't garnered much attention and you may not have heard about it. It's called DNS prefetching, and its purpose is to speed up the loading of Web pages." i'm not sure about it, but seems it indeed has some techs inner the app. If u'r also an iOS developer, u should know that we can also support VPN inner app. – Kjuly Feb 25 at 10:30

That fixed the problem for me, when trying to upgrade to El Capitan:

sudo softwareupdate --clear-catalog
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I restarted my MacBook Pro and then I build again, the error was fixed.

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I faced the same problem, it turned out to be VPN related. If you are testing on a device against a corporate network, chances are your Mac has proper VPN set up, but your phone does not. Connect phone to the corporate VPN for your apps deployed to device to see corporate servers.

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I faced same problem. Actually i face it often. Following three steps work for me always

  1. Change DNS to and
  2. Open net.properties and change "# https.proxyPort=443" to "https.proxyPort=80". You can find net.properties here /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Applications/Application Loader.app/Contents/MacOS/itms/java/lib/net.properties
  3. Open Application Loader->Preferences->Advanced and uncheck Signiant and Aspera. Make sure DAV is checked.

Thants all. Now you can submit app using both application loader and Xcode.

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A server with the specified hostname could not be found.

I faced the same problem, In my case it was because of-

  1. Server was not configured properly.
  2. Server subscription has been expired

Contacting to server hosting company resolve my problem.

I think this is not temporary error at apple or something to do with Xcode?

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Solution found here.

When trying to activate a device to Universal Device Service, the following error is encountered "A server with the specified hostname could not be found".

Looking at the device logs, the following error is seen:

Desc : A server with the specified hostname could not be found.
Domain : NSURLErrorDomain
Code : -1003

Cause 1 - The Device is using WiFi and Port 443 is blocked.
Cause 2 - The Device is using only Cellular Network and the Communication URL is not externally accessible.
Cause 3 - The Communication URL in the UDS Database is incorrect.

Resolution 1 - Ensure port 443 is open for the WiFi that the device is connecting to
Resolution 2 - If only cellular network is being used, please ensure the Communication URL is accessible externally
Resolution 3 - Go to the UDS Database and view the sys_global table and verify the configuration.comm.url is correct.

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First of all check your internet connection.. go to safari and check by searching something on google(dont try google.com only.. because it can be cached). If it is working fine, then try now in your app. It must work. This is fired while not having proper internet connection.

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