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When I try to submit my app on the Appstore through xCode I got this error.

"A server with the specified hostname could not be found."

Is this temporary error at apple or something to do with Xcode?

is any one else facing this problem?

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Keep Trying!

I have had this a few times (including today), and each time, without changing anything, it has worked when I tried again.

Sometimes the 2nd time, other times 20 minutes later.

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But this will not be good experience for an user! –  sankar 2.0 Mar 26 at 11:44

It might be DNS Pollution issue, at least for my case (in China).

If you're also in China or some places that has DNS Pollution issue, you might solve this by modifying the DNS (to as an example) for your Mac as well.

I got this error inner my iPad App & this happens randomly, it's such boring. Keep trying is not a good solution for me, though it might works somehow. Finally, I just changed my Wi-Fi DNS and no more error now. Steps:

  1. Your device, Settings/Wi-Fi
  2. Choose connected Wi-Fi pot
  3. Press DHCP/DNS
  4. Set to
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I restarted my MacBook Pro and then I build again, the error was fixed.

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