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I have the following HTML:

<section id="sidebar" class="grid_3">
<section id="content" class="grid_9">

I used jQuery to change this to:

<section id="sidebar" class="" style="width: 0px;">
<section id="content" class="grid_12">

However it seems like the section with id of sidebar still has some width and the elements inside it appear.

Is there some way that I can make the contents of id=sidebar just not visible using jQuery? I thought giving it a width of 0px would make it work but it seems not to. What I was wondering about was setting the display to hidden or visibility but I am not sure of the differences between hidden and visible? Also not sure about the jQuery show and hidden. Which would be best in this case?

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$("#sidebar").hide() // sets the position of the element to `display: none`;
$("#sidebar").show() // sets the position of the element to `display: block`;
$("#sidebar").css('width', '0 !important') // sets the width of the element to `0` and overrides other element's width properties;
$("#sidebar").css('visibility', 'hidden') // The element is invisible but still takes up space;

how can I detect if the display is set to "none" with jQuery?

try this:

if ($('.grid_3').is(':hidden')) { // if the element is hidden do something here}
if ($('.grid_3').is(':visible')) { // if the element is visible do something here}
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This seems to work but how can I detect if the display is set to "none" with jQuery? Previously I was using "if ($("#sidebar").width() == 0)". – Anne Jul 1 '12 at 6:42
@Anne edit: you have changed your comment try this: if ($('.grid_3').is(':hidden')) { // do something here} – Vohuman Jul 1 '12 at 6:44
Use if ($el.is(':hidden')) – elclanrs Jul 1 '12 at 6:44

visibility: hidden hides the element but stays in the document flow. display: none will hide and remove the element from the regular flow. opacity: 0 can be used in other cases. Another option used in some circumstances is to position: absolute the element and hide it by shifting it to one side with left: -9999px. Choose one of those options, width: 0 simply doesn't fit in any scenario, at least in my experience.

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$('#sidebar').hide() will hide the sidebar, BUT you have to be aware (as @elclanrs explains) that this removes that element from the document flow, so if the presence of the sidebar is necessary for your layout to work, use $('#sidebar').css('visibility', 'none').

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As other pointed:

  • visibility: hidden;: hides the element and its content but keeps taking space (just like setting opacity: 0;);
  • display: none;: hides the object and remove it from the flow, freeing the space for other elements (eg.: if you set this on an element above, the elements below will move up to take its space);

To set the element with a width of zero and hide the content you need to set the overflow property to hidden

  • overflow: hidden: hides the content that overflows (expand beyond the border of its parent), preventing it from apearing outside its parent.

With jQuery, I recoment using animate() to make the task:

$("#sidebar").css("overflow", "hidden").animate({ width: "hide" }, "fast");

you can use "toggle" or "show" here as the width parameter.

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