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Does anyone know of an MD5/SHA1/etc routine that is easily used with GLib (i.e. you can give it a GIOChannel, etc)?

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Unless you have a very good reason, use glib's built-in MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 implementations with GChecksum. It doesn't have a built-in function to construct a checksum from an IO stream, but you can write a simple one in 10 lines, and you'd need to write a complex one yourself anyway.

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You normally have to do library glue stuff yourself...

void get_channel_md5( GIOChannel* channel, unsigned char output[16] )
	md5_context ctx;

	gint64 fileSize = <get file size somehow?>;
	gint64 filePos = 0ll;

	gsize bufferSize = g_io_channel_get_buffer_size( channel );
	void* buffer = malloc( bufferSize );

	md5_starts( &ctx );

	// hash buffer at a time: 
	while ( filePos < fileSize )
		gint64 size = fileSize - filePos;
		if ( size > bufferSize )
			size = bufferSize;

		g_io_channel_read( channel, buffer );
		md5_update( &ctx, buffer, (int)size );

		filePos += bufferSize;

	free( buffer );

	md5_finish( &ctx, output );
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