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I have three classes: Bridge, Main and Car. I have no idea about how to include the main method in my UML representation. Should I list all the attributes...as well as the main method?

The main method does: - a bit of calculation - instantiate the other two classes

I would draw the Main, this way:


+ main(String[] args): void


Is that correct? Thanks

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Your drawing is good, you just need to underline the main method to show that it is static. I think that you should model it since it shows that this class is one entry point to the system (there may be more).

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you don't need to include main method in your UML and also as I remember, you should put all the members and methods that are present in your class except the main method. Since the main method is somewhat a given already

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do you mean that I should list every single attribute? ..My Main has one method that's the Main..sorry but I can't find an example of a Main –  qxc Jul 1 '12 at 7:53
exampl.. public class Sample{ public int x,y; public static void main()//somethingsomething{} } -------------------------- Main --------------------------- --------------------------- + x(int) + y(int) --------------------------- –  Raphael Pineda Jul 1 '12 at 12:16

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