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I'm working with Photoshop scripting and I have converted action to script which works fine. I have defined the save as file name with a variables like this:

var path="~/desktop/Images/";
var start ="a";

and the saving path is set like this:

desc1.putPath(cTID('In  '), new File(path + start + "001"));

and the next save will be:

desc1.putPath(cTID('In  '), new File(path + start + "002"));

how do I make pop up box every time I run the script with the inputs of the path and start values?

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ok i found it out. Thought ill put it here so that it might help others.

  var Path= Folder.selectDialog("Select folder to save");
  var Start =prompt("Layer Name","","Input Layer Name");

  desc1.putPath(cTID('In  '), new File(Path + "/" + Start + "001"));
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