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Hi i have a text file where download links are given like -


Here 10.10.* is the date of the image.

I need to download all the images using wget where the image name will be the corresponding date (eg. 10.10.111.jpg).

PS. I tried using:

wget -i download.txt

So, any solution?

Thanks in advance

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no i need to automate it. –  smm Jul 1 '12 at 10:06

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You can instruct Wget to create subdirectories based on the URL, and then do the renaming after the download has finished.

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I'd suggest a batch script that downloads the files one by one using the -O option, and a bit of sed/awk magic to get the names right

But careful! given the -O option, you have to call wget on a per file basis

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This should do the trick.

while read url; do
   wget -O $dir.jpg $url
done < download.txt
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This might work for you:

sed '\|/\([^/]*\)/[^/]*\1[^/.]*.jpg|!d' download.txt | wget -i -


Filter the download.txt file to contain only those files which you require and then pass them on to wget.

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I have developed a script that does just this bulkGetter. Super easy to use, you just need an input file with all the links you want to download and use option "-rb" (refer to link).

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