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How can I define and use two AverageTimer32 performance counters in one application (.exe)?

Additional Notes: I am trying so measure spent time on different parts of an operation.

I have an AverageTimer32 performance counter and an AverageBase. It works.

Now I want to add a second AverageTimer32 performance counter. It does not work even if I add another AverageBase counter. I think I am mistaken about something. Code sample is really appreciated.

This is the different parts of the code:

_AverageDuration = new PerformanceCounter();
_AverageDuration.CategoryName = CategoryName;
_AverageDuration.CounterName = "average time per operation";
_AverageDuration.MachineName = ".";
_AverageDuration.ReadOnly = false;

_AverageDurationBase = new PerformanceCounter();
_AverageDurationBase.CategoryName = CategoryName;
_AverageDurationBase.CounterName = "average time per operation base";
_AverageDurationBase.MachineName = ".";
_AverageDurationBase.ReadOnly = false;
CounterCreationDataCollection counters = new CounterCreationDataCollection();
CounterCreationData avgDuration = new CounterCreationData();
avgDuration.CounterName = "average time per operation";
avgDuration.CounterHelp = "Average duration per operation execution";
avgDuration.CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.AverageTimer32;

CounterCreationData avgDurationBase = new CounterCreationData();
avgDurationBase.CounterName = "average time per operation base";
avgDurationBase.CounterHelp = "Average duration per operation execution base";
avgDurationBase.CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.AverageBase;
PerformanceCounterCategory.Create(CategoryName, "Category for Receiver", PerformanceCounterCategoryType.Unknown, counters);
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BTW, you may consider something like Using XSLT to Generate Performance Counters Code to avoid repeating all the code –  Remus Rusanu Jul 1 '12 at 11:01

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The order of adding them is critical. You must add the Average, then its corresponding base, then the second average and then the second corresponding base.

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Also I (think) had to remove the category and add it again with new performance counters. –  Kaveh Shahbazian Jul 1 '12 at 12:58

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