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How do I access parameters passed into an Oracle Form via a URL. Eg given the url:


This will launch the 'a_form' form, using the 'cust' configuration, but I can't work how (or even if it's possible) to access p1 (with value of 'something') p2 (with value of 'else')

Does anyone know how I can do this? (Or even if it is/isn't possible?


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Within Forms you can refer to the parameters p1 an p2 as follows:



if :PARAMETER.p1 = 'something' then
end if;
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Thanks Tony

That was one part of the problem.

The other needed part I eventually found on oracle.com was the url structure. After all the forms90 parameters (config etc), you need to supply an "otherparams" parameter supplying your parameters as a parameter to that. (parameters seperated by '+': eg



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