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I have tried creating itemFulfilment records in multiple ways, but no matter what I do, sales orders always end up "completely" fulfilled (regardless of whether all items were actually fulfilled.)

In cases where only "some" of the items in the sales order have shipped, we need to set just those items fulfilled so the appropriate purchase order(s) can be billed and tracking gets sent to customers. When we try to fulfil just those items, the sales order always ends up with ALL items fulfilled. This creates numerous problems for us.

I am using c# and web services version 2011.1, but I would be delighted with code examples in any language (c#, php, java...) or even just an explanation of how to make it work.

Things I've tried:

  • Create new item fulfilment from scratch (without using initialize)

  • Created new item fulfilment with initialize (to get reference to existing IF record)

  • Add only line items that have been fulfilled

  • Add all line items, explicitly setting quantityRemaining = quantity (where the item has not been fulfilled), and setting quantityRemaining = 0 for those fulfilled.

  • Trying variations with ReplaceAll = true, and trying variations again with ReplaceAll = false.

In every case, every item in the SalesOrder is marked completely fulfilled (every item is set to fulfilled.)

If anyone has been able to "partially" fulfil a sales order, please post a code sample (in any language - and indicate which version of NetSuite web services you are using.)

Thanks in advance!

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I got this working today by doing the following:

  1. Set ReplaceAll to false
  2. Avoid setting a quantityRemaning value (after grabbing a reference to the Item fulfilment)
  3. Set the quantity to the quantity shipped (be sure to set quantitySpecified to true as well)

If you are new to processing itemFulfilment records, be sure that you set the Line to the appropriate line in the sales order. This is done for you automatically if you initialize the record.

See an example of creating an itemFulfilment record using initialize in the NetSuiteWebServicesRecordsGuide_2_5_0.pdf that NetSuite makes available.

Then you just need those three steps above to "partially" fulfill a sales order.

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Just needed to do this same thing. Thanks for the insight. Without setting "quantity" it definitely fulfills the whole order. –  robertmiles3 Dec 23 '13 at 2:28

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