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I trying to create an association between two objects and save the changes to the database. I have included in the notice a call on the object, to test if it saves after it passes true to the if stament. When I check to see if the update has actually occurred in the data base nothing has changed.


class RequestsController < ApplicationController
   before_filter :load_requestable

   def accept
     @request = Request.find(params[:id])

     if @request.save
        redirect_to [@requestable, :requests], notice: "Request Accepted #{@request.profile.send("#{@belongs_to}").name}"
       render :new


  def load_requestable
    klass = [Company, Profile].detect { |c| params["#{c.name.underscore}_id"]}
    @requestable = klass.find(params["#{klass.name.underscore}_id"])
    @belongs_to = klass.to_s.downcase

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Should rails do cascade-save here (I'm not sure)? Anyway, try saving profile directly (if @request.profile.save). –  Sergio Tulentsev Jul 1 '12 at 13:46
That did the trick, can you submit that as the answer –  Aaron Dufall Jul 1 '12 at 14:38

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Try saving profile directly (since you're modifying it, not the request object)

if @request.profile.save
  # redirect
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