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I have a list of libraries where each have 2 files (.so, .dll). How should I create a make rule which would execute the recipe only once if both of the files are missing or if one of them is missing.

LIBS = alib blib
LIBS_SO = $(patsubst %,, $(LIBS))
LIBS_DLL = $(patsubst %, %.dll, $(LIBS))

If I make this target

    cp .....

it copies only once for all of the the possibilities.

If I make this:

all : $(LIBS_SO) $(LIBS_DSS):
     cp .....

I copy in all cases of any missing files. I want to copy the alib directory if both or one of the files alib.dll / is missing; the the same with blib.

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This is really not clear. What is it that you are copying? And what is the problem? – Oliver Charlesworth Jul 1 '12 at 14:06

You have a consistent typo of LIBS_DSS where you (presumably) meant LIBS_DLL.

Your first 'rule' is a shorthand for:
    cp ...
    cp ...
    cp ...
    cp ...

So, when asked to build, make builds the first target in the file, which is That's why it does it once.

The second version, when fixed to remove the extra colon and the typo, should work:

all: $(LIBS_SO) $(LIBS_DLL)

     cp .....

The default rule is all; to make all, make ensures that each of the files,, alib.dll and blib.dll exists and is up to date. It should execute the commands once for each missing target.

You might conceivably run into trouble if you run a parallel make; make -j4 or something similar. It might launch four copy commands almost simultaneously to make each of the targets. But in a non-parallel build, it will ensure is up to date (and if it isn't, will do the copy). If that copy also copies alib.dll, then it won't recopy when it ensures alib.dll is up to date.

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You haven't given us much information, but I think this will do what you want:

all : $(LIBS_SO) $(LIBS_DLL): %.dll:
    cp $* directory ...

If both and alib.dll are missing, Make will execute this rule only once.

EDIT: Thanks to Jonathan Leffler for catching the typo.

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