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I want to share a memoized method between my specs. So I tried to use shared context like this

RSpec.configure do |spec|
  spec.shared_context :specs do
    let(:response) { request.execute! }

describe 'something' do
  include_context :specs

It works ok. But I have about 60 spec files, so I'm forced to explicitly include context in each of them. Is there an way to automatically include shared context (or at least let definition) for all example groups in spec_helper.rb?

Something like this

RSpec.configure do |spec|
  spec.include_context :specs
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This probably duplicates stackoverflow.com/questions/9965111/… but it still doesn't have answer. –  p0deje Jul 1 '12 at 14:13

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You can set up global before hooks using RSpec.configure via configure-class-methods and Configuration:

RSpec.configure {|c| c.before(:all) { do_stuff }}

let is not supported in RSpec.configure, but you can set up a global let by including it in a SharedContext module and including that module using config.before:

module MyLetDeclarations
  extend RSpec::Core::SharedContext
  let(:foo) { Foo.new }
RSpec.configure { |c| c.include MyLetDeclarations }
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FYI for anyone using RSpec 3, it looks like RSpec::Core::SharedContext has gone away, and been replaced with RSpec::SharedContext. –  womble Nov 2 at 3:03

You can do it almost like that: there's a mechanism for including a module, and module inclusion has its own callback mechanism.

Suppose for example that we have a disconnected shared context that we want to use to run all our model specs without a database connection.

shared_context "disconnected"  do
  before :all do
    ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection(adapter: :nulldb)

  after :all do

You can now create a module that will include that context on inclusion.

module Disconnected
  def self.included(scope)
    scope.include_context "disconnected"

Finally, you can include that module into all specs in the normal manner (I've demonstrated doing it only for models, just to show that you can), which is almost exactly what you asked for.

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.include Disconnected, type: :model

That works with rspec-core 2.13.0 and rspec-rails 2.13.0.

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