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Sorry if this is really obvious however im a bit lost and cant really find an answer,

I have a rails server and the idea is that an iPhone app can upload a photo and a bunch of things with it e.g. title etc.

I have the later part working with a rest api I have made and this will also store an image name, what i would like to be able to do is upload a photo and store the image in the file system not as a blob in a database.

can I do this with POST? if so how would I go about it?

Thanks in advance!

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Have you looked at any upload gems like carrierwave or paperclip? –  Dave Newton Jul 1 '12 at 14:28
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Yes you can. Your best bet will be to use a gem like paperclip, but you can also do something like:

path = File.join('public/images/upload', some_file_name)
File.open(path, 'w') do |f|

Where 'some_file_name' is what you want to call the file on the filesystem. You probably want to use a pattern that's guaranteed to give you a valid filename (say, the timestamp concatenated with the user's id), then store it with a record in your database so you know how to find the file that was uploaded.

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