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I want to send my score with one decimal to Game Center. Ho can I do this??

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You can only submit 64 bit integers as scores to a leaderboard. From the documentation:

To Game Center, a score is just a 64-bit integer value reported by your application. You are free to decide what a score means, and how your application calculates it. When you are ready to add the leaderboard to your application, you configure leaderboards on iTunes Connect to tell Game Center how a score should be formatted and displayed to the player. Further, you provide localized strings so that the scores can be displayed correctly in different languages. A key advantage of configuring leaderboards in iTunes Connect is that the Game Center application can show your game’s scores without you having to write any code.

That doc page should tell you about formatting your score. It sounds like in order to display float-like scores you will have to tinker with the format settings in iTunes Connect.

Try this :

- (IBAction)setScore 
     float score = (float)self.currentScore / 100.0f;
     currentScoreLabel.text = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%f", score]; 
     NSLog(@"%lld", self.currentScore);
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