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I need to manually stop an element from being slided (i used .slider() to create the slider). How can i achieve this?

I need to do this because the jquery-ui slider has issues when inside an iframe. So far i have managed to create a function that change the value of the slider however i had no luck trying to active the stop, or mouseup event of the slider.

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See this post it should help jquery ui slider, stop sliding if certain conditions are met

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That wil not help because inside the iframe the slide event is not triggered –  EH_warch Jul 1 '12 at 15:52
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I havent found how to solve this, so what i did was prevent the sliding event from doing anything at start with this:

 $('.slider',$document).slider({start:function(event,ui){return false;}});

That i way i can have a total manual control over the slider.

If you are curios about why i needed to do this you can check out this question

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