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I'm trying to set the Facebook open-graph meta data for a page before FB scrapes it, on the client side.

Everything that I tried, it seems that FB scrapes the page before any JS takes action. Is this correct? Is there anyway to do that?

This is how it is in the html file:

<meta id="ogImage" content='' property='og:image' />
<meta id="ogDescription" content='testd' property='og:description' />
<meta id="ogTitle" content='testt' property='og:title' />

After the page loads, according to the url parameters, I want to change the metadata.


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Javascript is primarily a client-side technology (although server-side implementations exist) that is executed by the browser. When Facebook scrapes your page it is only looking at the HTML structure and content; any JS inside your page will not be executed. Put your URL in to the Facebook Linter debug tool to see exactly what the linter is seeing.

If you want to set the meta data dynamically you'll need to do this via a server-side script such as PHP or ASP.NET, most likely by interrogating the URL querystring parameters and adjusting the META tags appropriately.

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Thanks :) I appreciate it. –  Guy Jul 1 '12 at 17:44

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