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I have the following code in a UIStoryBoardSegue to do a curl-up push segue.

 (void) perform {

    UIViewController *src = (UIViewController *) self.sourceViewController;
    UIViewController *dst = (UIViewController *) self.destinationViewController;

    [UIView transitionWithView:src.navigationController.view duration:1
                       options:UIViewAnimationOptionCurveEaseInOut | UIViewAnimationOptionTransitionCurlUp
                        [src.navigationController pushViewController:dst animated:NO];


It works fine, but when I tap on the "back" buttons on the app, it slides backwards instead of curling down. Because this is a push, I need to pop the current view controller instead of adding another segue.

How do I do a "curl-down pop segue" ?

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For anyone following this now, iOS 7 lets you animate both ways:

Set the segue to Push, then see code below for a push implementation.

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I found this question on SO which may helps you: Reversal of Custom Segue with Storyboarding

But this is probably not a perfect solution.

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