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I am trying to load multiple files at the same time with Play 2 and build some thumbnails for them with asynchronous api. Uploading is work quite ok and great troubles come when image processing starts. The problem is as follows(a bit of desciption): files, which were fetched from request and collected into list are disappearing while image processing(take a lot of time).

And some samples here:

//part of controller
public static Result addPictures2(Long galleryId) {

        MultipartFormData body              = request().body().asMultipartFormData();
        final List<FilePart> fileList       = body.getFiles(); 
        final Long fGalleryId               = galleryId;

        Promise<Boolean> promiseOfBool = Akka.future( 
                new Callable<Boolean>() {
                    public Boolean call() {

                        Gallery gallery = Gallery.find.byId(fGalleryId);

                        for(FilePart part : fileList) {
                            File    picFile     = part.getFile();
                            Logger.debug("picFile: " + picFile.exists());
                            String  extension   = FilenameUtils.getExtension(part.getFilename());
                            GalleryItem item    = new GalleryItem("", "", picFile, extension);

                        return true;

        return async(
                new Function<Boolean, Result>() {
                    public Result apply(Boolean b) {
                        return redirect(




takes a lot of time, and next call for

Logger.debug("picFile: " + picFile.exists());

says that picFile do not exists. I know, this is because those files are temporary... but should they exists emm a little bit longer? And the question is: how to solve this trouble. Should I look at temporary files in java?

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It looks like solution is very simple. I should keep files in my own cache till I use them in Akka worker. After processing with Akka I could delete it myself. The reason of such behaviour is not to waste file descriptors. Files fetched from request will be deleted before Akka starts. Anyway this is just a guess. I'll try it now.

P.S. Yes. There is a problem. Solution is to keep those files as temporary and delete only after processing.

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File upload questions are often asked, could you please update the question and add proper code of the solution that is working for you? – adis Jul 3 '12 at 9:44

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