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I know that it's possible to add CSS to a page with Content_Scripts, but I want to use the InsertCSS function in a JS file.

I have:

chrome.tabs.insertCSS(null, {code: "adfree.css"});

But it doesn't change anything of a webpage. I gave the permissions:

"permissions": [
    "tabs", "*://*"

Why doesn't it work?


chrome.tabs.insertCSS({file: "adfree.css"});


chrome.tabs.insertCSS(null, {file: "adfree.css"});

doesn't work also...

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I have the same problem. Maybe something wrong with file path. –  Roman Jul 19 '12 at 2:48

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You are passing it a file name, but using the code key, when you should be using the file key:

chrome.tabs.insertCSS(null, {file: "adfree.css"});

See the documentation for more info.

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Tryed that and also chrome.tabs.insertCSS({file: "adfree.css"});, but doesn't work –  THWIT Jul 1 '12 at 17:27

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