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I'm new to android app development and I'm not sure that I'm approaching my problem correctly:

I want to develop an app that displays some info from a specific website, so for example I want to display all links that are contained in a :

<div class="title"> link </div>

For this I want to develop a parser in java which will search for the <div class="title"> in the page source.

Now my question is: Is it a good practice to store the search string :<div class="title"> in a file on a server and each time the application loads it will download this string? If the <div class="title"> for example changes to <div class="abc"> I want to change the string easily and not make the user to download an update for the app.

Is there a better approach on the problem than the one i thought of?

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Try this home made solution......

1. Store the String on the Server.

2. And Initially when the user install the app, let the current string to be installed with the app.

3. The next time the String changes, send a Notification to all the user of your app, and once the user click on the Notification, just make sure your App is enabled with the Logical Code to change the old String with the New(Current) String.

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