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I've been working on a Chrome extension and I have a minor annoyance with debugging my scripts. My background page is a Javascript file and it is always minified automatically by Chrome. You can see how this becomes a pain to use the developer tools on because everything is on a single line. Anyone know if this can be disabled?

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Can you provide a sample extension, and mention your Chrome version? To show the issue, a screenshot may also be helpful. – Rob W Jul 1 '12 at 19:30

To view your Chrome extension source normally:

1 open Chrome's extension management page
2 make sure developer mode is checked

enter image description here

3 click link after inspect views to open extension files in chrome developer tools window

enter image description here

4 click link to included script file in background page to view background script

enter image description here

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Perhaps this is relevant.

  1. The ability to Pretty Print ( a.k.a. unminify ) JavaScript source

Sometimes I'm trying to figure out a bug and unfortunately the JavaScript that was included has been minified. As you are aware trying to debug a minified file is nearly impossible. How do you set a break point on a line that is a bazillion characters long?

Thankfully Chrome has a Pretty Print feature that will take a minified JavaScript file and format it property. All you need to do is to click the "{ }" icon on the bottom toolbar to activate this feature. Of course the names will still be obfuscated ( depending on what program minfied the JavaScript in the first place ), but you will at least be able to set break points and debug the code.

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