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I have the following grails domain objects

abstract class A {
    String name

class B extends A {
    String propertySpecificToB

class C extends A {
    String propertySpecificToC

and I can successfully save them to my database (which in this case is MongoDB). However, I would like to list all the names of the rows in my database, so I do something like:


But, that throws an InstantiationException as it tries to create instances of the abstract class A. How can I list off all rows (regardless of which class it is). I could make A non-abstract, but it would never be valid to have a A. Also, I'd like to place some abstract methods in A.

I'd really just like it to return a list of A, with the list actually containing Bs and Cs.

I found a related post, but that didn't solve this problem.

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Ok, I just tried my code with Hibernate instead of the mongo plugin, and it seems to be working how I wanted it to work. So perhaps this is a bug with the mongo plugin? – bramp Jul 1 '12 at 18:39
With the mongo-db plugin this works if you don't make the base class abstract. I know that's not ideal but it might be a workaround. – Rob Fletcher Nov 2 '12 at 6:44

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