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In OpenGL ES for Android I have an object that I want to rotate with gl.glRotate. But I want this rotation to happen during n seconds, not immediately. How can I implement this? I want this to happen during n seconds so that the user can see the rotation.

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How quickly is your object rendered on the View. Suppose it takes time t for one update, then the amount by which you should rotate your object will be (t/n)*r, r being the total amount of rotation you want in n seconds. So in a total of n seconds, the effective rotation will be r.

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use System.currentTimeMillis(); to get time passed .

    int seconds=5;//rotate in 5 seconds
    long rotatestarted;
    void  StartRotate()
    void Render()
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i think it will rotate immediately after 5 second. i want it rotates during 5 second – Ramin Zahedi Jul 1 '12 at 21:49
Well, then i think i misunderstood the question :) – SteveL Jul 1 '12 at 21:56

OpenGL and OpenGL ES do not provide such functionality. All they provide is ways do draw and transform things now, without any consideration of time.

What you need is some system, your own or some framework/library/engine that will handle time, and states relative to it.

In this regard SteveL answer is correct, you have to handle this by yourself.

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