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I have a GSP page:

<g:if test="freelancer">
        <g:each in="${ freelancer }" var="freelance">
            <a href="${ createLink(controller:'user', action:'homepage', id:freelance.user.username) }">${ freelance.firstName }</a>

and an action:

def homepage() {
    def user = User.find{
        username ==
        println(user.username + "!")

and a welcome page:

    Welcome ${ user.username }

in the first GSP page I get firstName link, and when I click on it to view his homepage I get an error:

Cannot get property 'username' on null object

But in the Console of my IDE, println( prints a username, BUT with square brackets. What is wrong in my code?

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So result to be a list in homepage action? Can you post your domains source code? – Fabiano Taioli Jul 1 '12 at 23:06
We'd also probbaly need to see how you're populating your freelancer collection and passing that to the view. Your User.find is overkill. Just do User.findByUsername( I'm also surprised your g:if works. You don't have ${} around freelancer for your test. Makes no sense. – Gregg Jul 2 '12 at 2:41

In your "homepage" action try

def user = User.find{ it.username == } instead of

def user = User.find{ username == }

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Yes, you will have to use brackets in your tag. That's number one.

<g:if test="${freelancer}">


Otherwise, the groovy truth will always evaluate a non-empty string as true, thus your test will be flawed.

Also, I would use the g:link instead of html 'a' tag.

    <g:each in="${ freelancer }" var="freelance">
        <g:link controller='user', action='homepage', id="${freelance.user.username}">

As a suggestion, think of using User.findByUsername() instead of find closure.

Let us know if that works. ;)

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This is my User domain class:

class User {
String username
String passwordHash
byte[] passwordSalt
Profile profile

static hasMany = [ roles: Role, permissions: String ]

static constraints = {
    username(nullable: false, blank: false, unique: true, size:3..15)
    passwordHash(nullable:false, blank:false, minSize:6)

static mapping = {
    profile lazy:false

In the g:if tag I put freelancer to the brackets and changed to User.findByUsername(). But there is the same error. I don't want as list.

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