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I am implementing the UIImagePickerController and I have a last custom step after (1) taking the image (2) use or retake. My final step is to let the user scale, crop and rotate the image.

Since the UIImagePickerController has a toolbar property I assume the bottom bar with the |cancel camera button| and |retake use| is a toolbar. I would like to have my final viewController have a toolbar that looks exactly like the one the UIImagePicker has.

I fiddled around with it and can see that it seems to be 55 pix high, but I can not figure out how to draw the gradient. Has anyone done something similar and knows how to apply such a gradient to the toolbar?

UIIMagePickerController toolbar

Thanks for any help given.

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You can either just create background images and use those as the backgrounds for the buttons and the bar, or create a gradient using the Core Graphics framework. You can create a gradient by doing something like this answer.

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Thanks Dima, I was fishing for someone who found the actual gradient to use - guess I can color pick the two colors, it looks fairly symmetrical. –  RickiG Jul 1 '12 at 20:58

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