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What is wrong with this login script? I have a modal-style iframe login box which is /login.php and I have a /index.php.

After logging in, the login.php redirects to the index.php, but I don't see the username. just Hello Guest. When I try to login it says you, username, are already logged in.


<?php session_start(); require_once('connections/Main.php');

if(isset($_SESSION['username'])) {

    echo '<div class="error_message">Attention! You, '.$_SESSION['username'].' are already logged in.</div>';
    echo "<br />";
    echo "Go <a href='javascript:history.go(-1)'>back</a> to the page you were viewing before this.</li>";



<?php session_start(); 

<div> Hello <?php   if(isset($_SESSION['username'])) { 
          echo $_SESSION['username']; }
                    else{ echo 'Guest'; } ?></div>
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It does not redirect back, it says 'go back in history'. A lot of browsers cache the DOM, and going back wouldn't result to a new request on your server. If you link to /index.php rather then that javascript thingamayig, do you get the desired behavior? –  Wrikken Jul 1 '12 at 21:40
yes it redirects the iframe to index.php and does show the correct username but how could i make the main page redirect –  kdogisthebest Jul 1 '12 at 21:43
If you are in a frame (brrr), either set target="top", or possibly onclick="window.top.location.reload(true)". –  Wrikken Jul 1 '12 at 21:47

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start your session with this.

$_SESSION["username"]=$username;//get data from db.


if($_SESSION["im_going_in"]) {

  <?=strtoupper($_SESSION["username"])?>// welcome dear bla bla...

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Im really surprised this worked lol –  kdogisthebest Jul 1 '12 at 21:59

You are calling session_start() twice, which is unnecessary. And once you are logged in, have a session variable logged_in set true. Then use

 //Do what you want for the logged in user

To be true, you can do all this in one single login.php. Have something like this:

//if reached from login form
if ($_POST['email']){
  //validate the user
  // if validates, log him in by:
    $_SESSION['logged_in'] = true;
    $_SESSION['email']= $_POST['email'];
  //do other fancy database save stuff
//else show him login form
   //<input />.. etc
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