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I have this query:

@listings = Listing.where('city != ?', 'SommerVille')

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what else might be causing this?

Id like to get only those listings from the DB where city !=SommerVille.


EDIT The above problems were due to leading or trailing white spaces in the city name. So I was wondering whats the best way to query a DB where it ignores case and also ignores leading/trailing white spaces.

the following approach worked but is there a better way?

@unwanted_cities = Listing.where(['city != ?', "SommerVille"]).where(['city != ?', " SommerVille"]).where(['city != ?', "SommerVille "])
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I think most dbs support trim

@listings = Listing.where('TRIM(city) != ?', 'SommerVille')

It would be better in the long run to strip whitespace on the way in to your db

One way to ignore case, use upper

@listings = Listing.where('UPPER(TRIM(city)) != UPPER(?)', 'SommerVille')


@listings = Listing.where('UPPER(TRIM(city)) != ?', 'SommerVille'.upcase)
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