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from this question Using WebKit.NET to call a C# function from JavaScript.

I have been using a version webkit.net and the version I have does not do anything when calling callWebScriptMethod (to test I have used the same code with Forms.Webbrowser and that works). So first of all the version I have callwebscriptmethod does not work.

From the same link above I used the following link https://github.com/scampy/webkitdotnet. Which has a webkit.net version were ObjectForScripting is working so I can use javacript to call c# but can not call c# from javascript as callwebscriptmethod is not implemented.

Does anyone know of a webkit version and a link of were I can get a version with both options implemented.

Regards Paul.

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Calling a function is possible by using .GetScriptManager.CallFunction("name", new Object[] { arg1, arg2, ... }); if yoiu are using .NET 4. If you want to use .NET 2 you can use .StringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString("name(arguments)")

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